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Christmas Carol Singing


Some pictures of our Church singers visiting various homes before Christmas.

Singing at Moira and Tony's House

 Singing at Paul Wheater's House



 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Betty Lund's House


 Singing at Marton Court Centre

September Bible School

The 2014 September Bible School took place from 19-21 September this year. Over the weekend about twenty young adults attended, with one coming from Kettering (though most were from the North of England). Several other church members attended some of the sessions to hear our speakers : Brian & Rosie Edwards, Stephen Nowak & Allan and Mandy Caley. The theme for the Bible School this year was "Truth Unleashed". Brian gave three talks on the authenticity of the Bible based on historical and archeological evidence. Stephen Nowak gave two talks on the practical implications of this as we read and study the Bible and Allan and Mandy Caley recounted a real life example of the effects of the Word on those hearing it  based on their work with the Palaka people in Ivory Coast. It was, as usual, an inspiring weekend which was enjoyed by all those attending. Some of the Bible School members  contributed book reviews that were very informative and a bookstall was provided by Brian Edwards selling some Day One publications. Rosie Edwards gave a short talk on the use of Bible Teaching materials produced by PPP designed to help pastors in situations where they had limited access to resources to help with their preaching. This presentation, along woth the others, fitted perfectly together to create a comprehensive and coherent message on the importance of Biblical Teaching for personal edification and evangelism. 

The Bible School finished with a lunch. The Sunday morning service was taken by Brian Edwards based on Acts 4:12 speaking of Jesus - "Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." The theme of the weekend extended into the evening service as both Rosie and Brian gave further talks during and after the evening service, the last of these being a detailed look at the New Testament evidence for the veracity of the Bible that should give every believer confidence in boldly proclaiming the truth it contains. Below are some photos of the event for your interest.


Brian Edwards and Stephen Nowak

Mealtime at SBS


Rosie Edwards, David Taylor and Alan Caley

After the evening service

Posted On: 22/09/2014