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Christmas Carol Singing


Some pictures of our Church singers visiting various homes before Christmas.

Singing at Moira and Tony's House

 Singing at Paul Wheater's House



 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Katrina Butler's House


 Singing at Betty Lund's House


 Singing at Marton Court Centre

40th Anniversary of Whitby EC

29th June 2013 saw our 40th Anniversary of the birth of Whitby Evangelical Church. It was a great day. The main hall was crowded with people (about 150) and there were many old friends who came to visit us. Below is a picture of the main hall.


There were short reminiscences from Jean Brumby, Janet Kemp, Roger Norris, Phil Ward (for UBM) & Dieter Schneider (for Functional English). Each talked about a different facet of the beginnings of the church. A tea was provided and people sat informally at tables after the meal to listen to the contributions.

In addition to the talks John and Sybil Brown had produced two books full of testimonies of people at church and one of the Youth Club and these were eagerly read by many folk. There were also displays of pictures of the early building work on the church building at the entrance to the main hall. Pam and Alan Newton also supplied several books of photos of church events. A commemorative booklet describing the formation of the church was produced to give out on the day and there are still many copies left to give out to visitors to the church or to give out to friends who might be interested. The Whitbuy Gazette also published a brief article on the church to coincide with our celebrations. There were many positive comments from those who attended and people were very interested to find out some of the details that they did not previously know. The window display set up by Samantha Kemp was wonderful and fitted in well with the theme of the weekend. The display is due to change for the arrival of the UBM team so please take a look in the front window of the church if you have not already seen the display.

Thanks are due to all the ladies who helped to provide the tea as they had to carry everything upstairs to the main hall! As always, this provision was excellent. Thank you!

Posted On: 13/07/2013